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Kevin Kragenbrink of Estrada Strategies at March 2012 Meeting

Thursday, March 15th, 2012 | Meetings | No Comments

Speaker: Dr. Kevin Kragenbrink with Estrada Strategies
Topic: How are they doing it? Tips / Stories from 3 local businesses that are thriving in the current economy – All Occasion Catering, Russell’s Pest Control and Master Custom Home Remodeling.
Date: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Dr. Kevin Kragenbrink is partner and Head business Coach at Estrada Strategies. Dr. Kragenbrink has distinguished himself for more than 30 years as teacher, business coach, entrepreneur, church leader, consultant, and strategist. His background includes 6 years of military service, four years in large corporate organizations, more than 20 years in small business ownership and nearly 30 years in support of churches and other non-profit organizations. His record of success is matched by his passion to contribute to the success of the business owners and executives he now serves. By all accounts Dr. Kragenbrink is an inspirational, gregarious, and insightful speaker; a powerful business coach; an effective teacher and consultant; and a talented vocal performer. He is acclaimed by friends, colleagues and clients alike as a powerful, understanding, compassionate leader and motivator.

Kevin discussed how 3 local businesses have grown in a down economy by marketing more (not less), focusing on annual strategic planning, building a quality team and getting out of their comfort zone to grow personally and professionally.

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