Fountain City Business and Professional Association

Fountain City Business and Professional Association

About Fountain City

Fountain City, Tennessee, is a neighborhood in northern Knoxville, Tennessee, including zip codes 37918 and 37912. The community is named for a large fountain at its center.

Fountain City was originally a separate suburban community from Knoxville and was the largest unincorporated city in the United States until its annexation by the city of Knoxville in 1962. Fountain City is bordered to the north by Halls Crossroads and Powell; to the south, Interstate 640 marks the boundary between it and North Knoxville proper.

Public schools in Fountain City include Shannondale Elementary, Sterchi Elementary, Fountain City Elementary, Inskip Elementary, Gresham Middle School, and Central High School. Private schools include Nature’s Way Montessori and Garden Montessori schools. It is also the home of Fountain City Ball Park.

Fountain City was voted the best suburban community in Tennessee in 1986 by People magazine.

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